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Medium: Photography
To maintain the highest standards, I personally perform all the creative aspects involved in my work. I expose each photograph utilizing available light to capture the natural color and beauty of the subject. No filters or additional lighting is used during my image taking. I print each photograph utilizing traditional darkroom techniques and work only from large format (4" X 5") or medium format (6cm. X 7cm.) color negatives. These larger negatives have superior clarity resulting in a much sharper print. Each photograph is then mounted and matted using acid-free museum board. I do all this work personally without the use of any apprentices or assistants.

Medium: Painting
This Chicago area artist does surrealistic work focusing on city and suburban life. Her paintings reflect a fascination with architectural spaces and the unexpected solitude as well as human activities that occur in them. From this interest her work has evolved to explore the relations between imagination and reality in an urban environment. The process begins with an idea of a place, real or imaginary, and then she will scout out locations for subject matter to be used in the piece.The work proceeds through a series of sketches to a full-sized drawing, which is transferred to canvas. Her technique for the actual paintings involves building up areas of color through the application of many thin layers of transparent paint to achieve vibrant color effects. The artist employs a part time studio assistant, typically an art major at a local college, to help with the many tasks on the work and in the studio that are outside of the creative process.

Fred and Ginger Morado - A Collaborative Team
Medium: Wood
Using standard woodworking tools and machinery (table saw, bandsaw, routers, jointer, planer, sanders and many handtools) we attempt to create objects that are a pleasure to live with. We use many different woods in typical rough form to begin with. From the first design ideas to the last finishing steps, we both work on each and every piece to emerge from our very small shop. Both have the skills necessary to do any job that is required at any step in the process. Collaboration is another word for a synergistic working environment that has developed over the course of 20 years of working together. No assistants are employed in the creation of our work except for occasional help from our teenage son (sanding).

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