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Thank you for registering for "The NAIA 2009 Stimulus Plan: Project ART!"

Conference fee includes lunch on Thursday.

We are happy to offer secure, encrypted on-line registration with your Visa or MasterCard (only.)

The Artist fee for Thursday, September 24 is only $25, to cover food. Please register here so we know how large a room to reserve and how much food to plan.

To join NAIA go to the Membership page.

If you need to pay the registration fee by check, choose the last selection in the drop-down menu below to pay $00 online. Then mail your $25 check made out to "NAIA" to:
NAIA 2009 Conference
3155 Buck Island Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22902


2009 NAIA Director/Artist Summit Conference Registration

Additional information

First time conference attendee?

If "yes" and you were encouraged to register by another attendee, please list the name of the artist or show director that encouraged you to attend

Food Preferences (check one)
(We will offer a vegetarian selection. We will also do our best to accommodate other food preferences but cannot fully guarantee complete accommodation.)
Not picky


“I’ve Got a Question”
Please list any questions or issues that you may want to bring up during the Open Agenda portion of the conference for discussion and feedback by those in attendance. Alternatively, if reasonable, we may try to incorporate your issues into the scheduled presentations.

After you submit your registration, please email a copy of your show's logo to  so that we can include it on your conference nametag and table card. Thank you.
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