The Power of Membership 

What Is the NAIA?

The National Association of Independent Artists (NAIA) is artists, art shows and supporters working together to improve their industry. The 501c6 organization's mission is " to strengthen, improve and promote the artistic, professional and economic success of artists who exhibit in art shows.”  The NAIA is committed to integrity, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence and we advocate for the highest ideals and practices within all aspects of the art show environment.

With a target audience that includes all those who exhibit, produce and support the art fair across the country the NAIA’s primary focus is advocacy.

NAIA exists because of its members.

What Can the NAIA Provide You?

NAIA exists to serve the needs of its members and the needs of the industry.  NAIA is here to represent and stand by you.

With an extensive network of members, membership with the NAIA not only allows you access to this professional group of your peers, but also provides many resources and tools to allow you to communicate and network with them.

NAIA provides ongoing opportunities for learning more about our industry including the Artist/Directors Conference and live Forum.

NAIA provides a number resources and tools to allow you to communicate and network with your peers in the industry.

Getting information out to our members is important, whether it be news of our next conference, our upcoming issue of The Independent Artist, or keeping you apprised of news in the industry.

Membership with the NAIA provides discounts to hotels and other services and tools designed to save you money.  

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